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First Principles

A Small Contractor Network

Solar Payoff believes that leasing has biased the installer pool in favor of large-scale contractors. The SunCrafters Alliance is designed to give smaller contractors services needed to compete on a level field with the lease powerhouses.

Fair Pricing

Solar Payoff collects a commission only on jobs won from our leads.There are also no monthly or per user charges to use our state-of- the-art SAAS BidModule. You pay a modest fee only when you use.

Own Don’t Lease

Solar Payoff is an unapologetic proponent of owning your own solar. Why? Because we can do the math. Solar Payoff actively encourage consumers to pay cash or loan-to- own. Small contractors get opportunities to bid on jobs they might never see

Tried the SunCrafters Alliance BidModule on a lead we got from Solar Payoff.
Worked like a charm. Robert Alduenda, Chief of Operations, The trcSolarWorks Corporation

The Offer

Quality Leads

Solar Payoff delivers pre-screened, quality leads from our User Interface. Clients who come to SunCrafters Alliance contractors from Solar Payoff already understand solar technology, their property’s generation potential, and how an investment in solar translates into long-term financial gain according to four financing scenarios.

Contractor Platform

The SunCrafters Alliance Contractor Platform contains our BidModule’s state-of-art bidding tools. A graphical panel placement feature feeds data to NREL’s PVWatts solar calculator on the fly. Know the output from the array you sketched with a click. Accurate generation estimates, sophisticated pricing logic, and industry- leading financial projections permit our contractors to generate make-your-case proposals in record time.

Online Marketplace

Solar Payoff is creating a comprehensive online marketplace where electronic interaction with a client is always an option. This will include an html presentation of the proposal and online chat or real-time Skype. Every component of the website will be adapted for tablets and cellphones.

Comprehensive Financial Services

Solar Payoff will offer clients of contractors in The SunCrafters Alliance lower rate, shorter term solar loans. Leases will also be available.

Quality Inputs Best Prices

Solar Payoff negotiates with manufactures and top tier distributors to nudge prices as low as they can go for SunCrafters Alliance contractors.

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